eL Seed writes on walls. He writes messages relevant to the community where he creates his artwork. The wall is a pretext to open conversation with the public. After a wall is complete, the conversation exists only between the viewer and the art piece. The essence of his work is rooted in the ancient art of Arabic Calligraphy. The piece for this exhibition is inspired by a poem from Nizar Qabbani. The poet is describing the beauty of his lover despite her age, and he was in turn, by using this poem as the basis of the work, declaring his love for the ancient art of calligraphy. His messages, adorned on public walls all around the world, were created with the intent to communicate. Each stroke of a letter or word seeks to build an affinity with each person. In the closed space of Tashkeel Gallery, he built a sculptural work for the first time. It was a conversation between the poem, the language, the form and him and he invited the viewer to walk through this exchange.

Jean Cocteau said ‘There is no love. There are only proofs of love’. Bringing his art into 3D was a way to allow it to materialize. The work is still tied to his instinctive visual language, but by releasing the letter forms he has discovered new territories for expression that celebrate and elaborate his deep respect and love for this art.

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