Zaraeeb is in homage to the people of Manshiyat Nasr. Through this new body of work, eL Seed has hopes to further break down the barriers and clear the clouded judgements made purely from assumption, fear and misinformation. He hopes that his efforts will open a much-needed dialogue to generate understanding and education for el Zaraeeb, their culture and their way of life.

Each piece of Zaraeeb is named after an individual living in Manshiyat Nasr who greatly touched eL Seed while he was on this emotional journey. Manar, Mario, Abanoub, Uncle Bakheet, Uncle Ibrahim, Aunt Farida and many more Zaraeeb people are now eternalized in each fragment of the exhibition.

They opened their homes and their hearts to eL Seed and his team during the making of Perception, exhibiting incredible warmth, trust and hospitality from what is normally a closed and fiercely guarded community.

“They are human, just like everyone else,” says eL Seed of the people who inspired him to paint Zaraeeb. “I’d never received this kind of welcome anywhere in the world”.

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